Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt will be The Feud of The Reality Era


Everytime on WWE Programing we see storylines and angles happen that either build up to a marquee bout or it just happens to just be a filler to kill time.

But in every era in the WWE, there’s always that one feud that defines that era. The Feud that can redefine or end an era in WWE.

In The New Generation Era, it was the Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels on/off-screen feud, in the Attitude Era it was Austin and The Rock, and in The PG Era it was Cena and Punk.

But what will be THE feud for the next chapter in WWE, The Reality Era.

And in my opinion, That feud is Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt.

The two young rising megastars of WWE are reaching beyond heights and being unique characters with their gimmicks, Wyatt’s a patriarch that yearns to control the WWE Universe and seeking to destroy the world filled with lies, Roman Reigns’ an anti-authority fighter of justice and tries to put a stop to the injustice that occurs around him. They have collided as part of The Wyatt Family and The Shield in several show-stealing bouts.

They showed chaos and destruction in their match and at the moment when Seth Rollins, at 10:56, made the Tag to Reigns, the Audience exploded.

The Audience reacted like when Ultimate Warrior and Hogan were in the 1990 Royal Rumble squaring off when they were by themselves, showing Wyatt and Reigns may be the next top feud in WWE.

The Characters’ Gimmicks

Their gimmicks are total polar opposite to each other.

Bray Wyatt’s character is the portrayal of a cult patriarch that speaks in riddles and cryptic poetic rhetoric that can capture the audience with his voice, and his move-set shows him wanting to do nothing but absolutely destroy his enemy both physically and mentally.

Roman Reigns’ character portrays as a solider of justice and seeks to rid injustice in anyway shape or form, and appears to be a beast among men, or as some writers have said, a Spartan from 300. His move-set and charisma is greatly improving as time goes by, appearing to be a powerhouse brawler with a sense of barbaric intentions to his enemies.

Reigns and Wyatt’s Theatrics

In early 2013, his only moves seem to be the spear and flying clothesline.

And his charisma was, average at best in terms how he spoke. [2:38]

As Ryan Dilbert of Bleacher Report said about it, “Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are much more controlled in their performances, while Reigns just seems to explode with anger.”

But by early 2014, on the first episode of RAW of Piper’s pit, he showed great improvement to his charisma as he showed more control and sense of threatening to what he says. [2:56].

Bray Wyatt has claimed that he can feel no pain, as it was shown in his match against Cena at WrestleMania XXX.

He laughed everytime Cena struck him, and attempted to gestured him to strike him down with the Steel Chair to finally break him.

Reigns appeared to look wanting nothing more but to destroy his opponent in the Ring when they struck him. [2:16-2:21]

He looked like he wanted nothing more than to murder the Matadores that attacked him from behind when he celebrated his double spear.

Fantasy Booking

Right now, Roman Reigns is gearing up for a showdown with The Dictatorial Tyrant Triple H for match at SummerSlam as he continues his war with The Authority and Bray Wyatt is either going to continue his feud with Cena or do something else since going back to The Shield is never going happen after Seth Rollins’ betrayal of the Group.

But that doesn’t mean we can come up with how this feud should happen.

On the 2/24/14 edition of RAW, we got a sample of this future feud between the two legends in making.

While arguably it wasn’t the greatest match they’ve done but it allowed us to get us a preview of what they’ll be doing later in the future.

They could tie-in their past encounters as part of the Wyatt and Shield feud.

Bray Wyatt could vow to destroy another false Hero, while Roman Reigns could call him out on being afraid of him, pointing out their second Wyatt-Shield Bout on RAW where The Wyatt Family did everything they could to keep Reigns from being tagged in.

Bray Wyatt could also target Reigns personal friends and family such as his former Shield Brethren Ambrose and Rollins (Because we know WWE will revise history as usual) and possible add in his wife and daughter to build up the tension without Reigns and Wyatt fighting each other.

Reigns could go ahead and hurt Bray Wyatt in a way such as vandalizing Bray’s old home that was shown in recordings prior to his debut and possible trash Sister Abigail’s grave.

And on the second to last show before their PPV bout, they do their classic stare down like back than between The Shield and Wyatt’s to also give nostalgia to the fans.

Making The feud personal traced back to classic Era defining feuds such as Michaels and Hart’s feud (Though not making it like what happened that lead to two friends hating each other for nearly a decade) and Triple H and Bryan’s feud earlier this year that would jumpstart the Reality Era.

Triple H, along with The Authority, had attempted to take away Bryan’s dream of becoming THE guy of WWE, Bret Hart saw Shawn Michaels being inappropriate and changing the business to become filled with sexuality and pushing the envelope.

That help create some of the emotional and greatest bouts in WWE.

The bout would climax at a Major PPV, it could go either way, but it the feud should be revisited later down in their careers like Austin and Rock, which put on 3 classic bouts, the second one being at WrestleMania X-Seven where The Attitude Era ended at.

This potential feud could be The feud that could either define, redefine, or end The Reality Era.

But the question remains, who would win this feud?

Comment (No flames) and give your thoughts on my first article!


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