WWE should’ve went with The Disgruntled Stable


Earlier this year WWE was reportedly considering, per F4WOnline, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc. of forming a disgruntled faction consisting of Ryder, Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

And starting off 2014, it seem this plan was going to come fruition, at first it was going to be a Tag Team consisting of only The Miz and Ziggler, when they went on either the WWE App, or on Monday Night RAW ranting on how the WWE was underutilizing them.

Dolph Ziggler, at a time last year seemed on top of the world, winning the World Heavyweight Championship on the Post-WM29 Episode of RAW, but received a concussion accidently by Jack Swagger before he could defend his title for the first time at Extreme Rules in a Triple Threat Ladder Match against Swagger and Del Rio, and when he returned to WWE’s Inaugural Payback lost the title to Del Rio.

Since than, WWE has done nothing to recapture that success Ziggler once had.

In February, Ziggler regained notoriety again when he dropped a Pipebomb style promo on The WWE App.

Ziggler expressed his frustrations on how the WWE was holding him back and telling him his style in the ring was wrong and to stop being great at what he did that made the fans love him.

In 2011, The Miz was on top of the World, he was the WWE Champion, Main-Evented WrestleMania and a major amount of The PPVs of that Year, and was involve in feuds with high-profile names such as The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena, and Triple H.

Now, he barely makes it on TV…something he would start ranting at the commentaries on RAW and The WWE App earlier in the year.

Also in 2011 to Early 2012, Ryder was having insane momentum, he became the U.S Champion defeating Dolph Ziggler, had a successful YouTube Series titled ‘Z! True Long Island Story’, and even was apart of a major storyline at WrestleMania.

Now, barely makes on TV, and when he does he usually just jobs to other wrestlers being a nameless face, when WWE earlier this year were now considering on adding Ryder to the proposed group, it lead to another series by Ryder titled “Zack Ryder’s Last ReZort” where Ryder proclaimed he now wants to recapture the magic he once had back in 2011, and main event PPVs, RAW, and Smackdown and saw his greatest moment in Winning the U.S Championship as a glass ceiling to his career.

Afterwards all their seemingly protesting came to a screeching halt, that was until when in May did it show signs of returning when Damien Sandow and Alicia Fox started doing their own pipebomb promos.

On The May 12th Edition of RAW, Sandow, a former Money in The Bank Winner and was contending for The World Heavyweight Champion back in November against John Cena, to becoming a jobber of sorts and weekly is doing ridiculous gimmicks (Unless they are going with a Multiple Personality Disorder type of Gimmick for him, this is a waste of time) went on The RAW Pre-Show on The WWE Network and threatened to bash the WWE for handling him in a insulting manner and dressing him up as Magnento from X-Men even if it risked his career and probably could’ve resulted in him tag teaming with Yoshi Tatsu down in NXT, claiming he had nothing else to lose.

He later go for the next week or so trying to do ‘Pipebomb Promos’ claiming he was handcuffed by The Authority in WWE but sadly it would amount to nothing as he later would undergo a ‘identity crisis of sorts’ storyline.

On the exact same night Sandow tried to his first Pipebomb Promo, Alicia Fox would start undergoing temper tantrums saying how she was champion material and expressed her disgust of being ‘Underrated’ by bullying the WWE Staff and commentators at ringside, which now have resulted in her getting more over with the fans.

Sadly in the end all of the hints towards a Disgruntled Faction never happened as later in the year everything went to a standstill.

Ziggler and Alicia Fox are pretty much the only ones expressing their frustrations on the mic and in the ring while The Miz went silent due to having to go film with The Marine 4, and now it seems he’s going to be paired with Flair with again, Ryder’s Last ReZort stopping at Episode 3, and Sandow doing weekly gimmicks that so far serve no purpose.

With The Wyatt Family pretty much the only stable left in WWE (Not even going to count 3MB for various reasons) since Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield, resulting it to become a Tag Team now, This Disgruntled Faction could’ve help filled the void The Shield created but also give a chance to give the Underutilized Stars to break out one more time on the Mainstream.

This became one of the biggest balls WWE never ran with for 2014.

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3 responses to “WWE should’ve went with The Disgruntled Stable”

  1. Mr. Perfect says :

    I loved when Nitro did it with the New Blood, WWE should take note….the authority angle is boring….and played out….bring it back later only if and when john cena turns heel.

  2. Jason says :

    Hey Eric, Ryan Dilbert recommended me to your site. Love your work man. Ryan suggested we collaborate with each other or at least share our ideas.

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