Brock Lesnar shouldn’t have ended The Streak


Now before anyone says otherwise, just hear me out on my reason: I was all for the streak at WrestleMania to end.

Someone beating the Streak after 21 wins and 0 losses at WrestleMania is a pedestal of immortality to cement one’s legacy in the wrestling industry.

The Problem: It was Brock Lesnar.

And no it isn’t because he’s a part timer in WWE, well it is a little bit on his status, but it has to do more on the fact the buildup to the match, while arguably it wasn’t the worst buildup to a match in wrestling history, it’s the worse buildup towards someone challenging the streak that I’ve ever seen.

WWE could’ve used the past history between Lesnar and Taker’s pervious bouts and let Paul Heyman point out that the Undertaker has never defeated Brock Lesnar, not even in the Deadman’s own creation, The Hell in a Cell.

It would’ve given a sense of understanding that Lesnar could actually break the Streak.

Instead, he was being portrayed as a weakling and a coward.

Okay sure, he did put Henry through a table with his F5 finisher, but that’s pretty much where the tale of the monster ends at.

Afterwards, Paul and Taker pretty much had to all the buildup without him around, and when Lesnar was around he either was being pushed around by Taker or he needed Paul’s help to take down the deadman.

And were supposed to believe this was the same man who broke Triple H and HBK’s arms, beat CM Punk, destroyed the Ring with the Big Show back on Smackdown years ago, and former UFC Champion.

No, just no, Vince should’ve left the match it was originally intended to be, Undertaker going over Brock Lesnar, especially after a horrid buildup that even the powers that be, fellow wrestlers and Taker himself didn’t like.

WrestleMania XXX, The Streak went to 21-1…

It was at that moment, Lesnar became the number one heel in WWE, and what has he been doing since than: Nothing…

Paul has been preaching on and on regarding the Streak being conquered since than to the point it’s makes people want to mute their TV’s, and not in a good way.

Even Cesaro seems to be looking annoyed with Paul talking about it, granted they could be doing this to build up a Cesaro Face turn and Brock vs. Cesaro Match at SummerSlam or Night of Champions, but so far it seems even the talent is becoming annoyed with it.

At least when The Rock was WWE Champion, he at least came back each week to build for his upcoming title defense matches despite his Hollywood commitments.

At Extreme Rules, he could’ve face Mark Henry, since they still have some unfinished business left to do, and at the Money in Bank PPV, due to Bryan’s Injury, Kane could challenge him to avenge his Brother’s defeat at WrestleMania.

He could’ve at the very finest came back to do one night stand matches on PPVs to keep his heat going but now it seems that The Streak being broken is a wasted opportunity to capitalize on.

It doesn’t help much either that so far no update on Brock’s contract with WWE Post-WM30, he’s still slated to leave after WrestleMania XXXI and go back to UFC, which means The Fame of Breaking The Undertaker’s Streak will benefit another company and not WWE.

It’s an insult to Taker’s legacy, those that challenged the Streak and WWE in general.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading!


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