The Seth Rollins-Dean Ambrose Feud should bring back the Jon Moxley Character Persona


On the June 2nd edition of Monday Night RAW, the second most shocking moment in WWE this year, behind only the defeat of The Undertaker’s Streak, occurred that shocked and angered the Fans, The Shield imploded.

Seth Rollins struck his fellow brothers in the back, becoming a top heel in WWE with an edge of CM Punk style Heat from his SES/Undertaker Feud days.

A week later, a vengeful Shield struck 3MB before cutting a promo that Ambrose shined under.

He swore various dismemberment and rearranging of Seth Rollins’ body and was desperately trying to keep himself from destroying everyone around him.

It felt strangely familiar to indie/internet wrestling fans, it felt like we didn’t see Dean Ambrose talking we saw the indie icon Jon Moxley being in the ring.

Being crazed, psychotic, and threatening to dismember someone piece by piece felt like seeing the controversial Moxley, which would explain why Jim Ross said on his Blog about how Ambrose reminds him of Roddy Piper and late-Brian Pillman, adding Fans seeing him like Heath ledger’s Joker.

Which is why WWE must bring the Moxley persona into the Dean Ambrose Character.

The Broken Shield’s war with The Authority, including the traitor Rollins, should now force Ambrose to bring out the more crazed Moxley that has been repressed by the WWE PG Rating.

Down in FCW/NXT, the development territory was more fitting for Hardcore Fans, which allowed them to push the envelope a bit, had Dean Ambrose early retain some of his Moxley character such as this in the video up to 3:11.

Ambrose managed to make his doctor become the patient while he became the doctor, bring out the doctor’s dark side and yearn to make Ambrose tap out.

Like his FCW Feud with William Regal was unique, Ambrose let Regal get into his head, stating he has learn his every move and knows more about him than he knows himself.

The Final episode of FCW before its transformation to NXT had Ambrose and Regal close out the show in a dark turn unlike the final episode of WCW Nitro, where it ended on emotional light hearted goodbye.

Ambrose’s desired to end the career of William Regal appeared to become reality as he used Regal’s finisher against him, prompting the roster to come out and stop Ambrose from further harming Regal, though Dusty Rhodes and J.R at the commentary said that Regal may never be able to wrestle again.

It was the one of the few times in the PG Era where the Heel defeated the Face, and while Regal won the match, Ambrose won the war.

In 2012, he looked like to be making his debut by targeting another well-known legend, Mick Foley.

He proclaimed that Foley needed to be held accountable for his ‘crimes’ because of his Hardcore style and leading a generation of wrestlers astray, and he would make tweets threatening him and his family, which later got removed as part of Foley’s request, but sadly the feud would never happen as Foley’s injuries finally caught up to him when he failed the IMPACT test, resulting in him being told to never wrestle again.

During the Shield’s early run, much of The Moxley persona seemed to be restrained due to the PG-Rating. That was until the Shield went to war with The Undertaker.

Ambrose made the WWE fans listen to his dark thoughts on how he would kill the legacy of The Undertaker to show his time his done, even going so far to attack Kane and Daniel Bryan and even challenge Undertaker himself on Smackdown.

In later part of The Shield’s run till Rollins’ betrayal further showed Ambrose starting to undergo a mental breakdown when feuding with CM Punk, showing jealously when CM Punk seemed more interested in fighting Reigns and Rollins than him, and after Old School RAW in 2014 when Ambrose was close to snapping when he ranted about Jake Robert’s Snake giving haunting nightmares and his lust to choke and skin it till it was nothing. [2:25-2:58]

Right now, Ambrose and Reigns’ war with The Authority adding in Rollins’ betrayal should make Ambrose go back to the world that fans believed up until now WWE would never want him to return to.

Ironically speaking of Mick Foley, The return of Jon Moxley could resemble Foley re-embracing his hardcore style back in ’04 during his feud with Randy Orton.


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