My Candidates on who could challenge Brock Lesnar


Right now Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen on WWE T.V since the night after WrestleMania XXX, and current reports indicates that he’ll return for SummerSlam and Night of Champions.

For SummerSlam, WWE wants him to face either Daniel Bryan or Cesaro while Night of Champions hasn’t confirmed whose opponent will be, but his purpose for that event is to draw more WWE Network Subscribers and to hopefully renewal the current number of subscribers.

But which other superstars do I want to face besides Bryan and/or Cesaro.

Honorable Mentions

Goldberg – Has stated in an interview with J.R he be up for it.
Sting – Most likely not going to happen, but considering Lesnar placed the Dream Taker-Sting Match in jeopardy, it wouldn’t surprise me.


Kane's Revenge

Honestly, I’m surprised this Match hasn’t been considered considering who the Big Red Machine is, being The Undertaker’s brother, Kane does have a score to settle with Brock to get revenge for his fallen brother’s defeat at WrestleMania, they may still have chance to do the match at Money in Bank, or Battleground considering WWE is debating on bring Lesnar back earlier due most of their top stars, Bryan and Cena, getting more injured, or Batista going back to promote his upcoming blockbuster movie in the summer.

Mark Henry

Henry and Lesnar

Let me best sum up why this match should happen, F5’d on the matted floor, Kimura Lock’d on Old School RAW, and finally, F5’d through the announce table. Must I go any further for this?

Big E.


Aren’t Big E and Henry friends in storyline terms, and with the proposal of the return of The Nation of Domination, so it could make sound reasoning why they could form up to go after the Beast Incarnate.

Bray Wyatt


The Eater of Worlds vs. The Beast sounds exciting doesn’t it, though some people might argue that they might not be able to do a good match considering it took three tries to finally get a solid match out Cena and Bray Wyatt, but salivate on the kind of promos Bray and Paul could do together, also granted Lesnar is a monster, Bray Wyatt and The Family may go after him claiming Lesnar only seeks corrupted money and power for his actions and not for a cause.

The Rock


Rock and Brock II is a Dream Rematch close to 13-Years in the making since there last encounter at SummerSlam 2002, it was the original plan to do Brock and Rock II for WrestleMania XXX if he hadn’t gotten injured at 29, but both The Rock and WWE have been giving hints and consideration of the Match happening at WrestleMania 31.

Roman Reigns


Okay, I’d pay to see this and/or the last two ideal matches, The Powerhouse vs. The Beast is a marquee bout that wouldn’t surprise me if WWE wants to do that match, it’s exciting bout to see, and considering WWE wants Reigns to be the Next Big Thing in WWE, it makes sense for him challenge the last one that was called the Next Big Thing, back in May there was a Report where WWE is considering Roman Reigns to headline WM31 with either Lesnar or Rock. Something tells me Triple H will pay Lesnar to rid Roman Reigns after his SummerSlam Match with him for Night of Champions.

So that’s my list of guys who could face Lesnar before it’s all over, who would you want him to face, comment and tell me what you think!


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