Seth Rollins could become The CM Punk of The Reality Era


‘You sold out! You sold out! You sold out! You sold out!’

Those are the chants that one Seth Rollins, the former architect of The Shield, has received after his shocking betrayal to his fellow brothers on the June 2nd Episode of Monday Night RAW.

He has received hatred and insults since he aligned with The Authority.

But, something seemed strange regarding it, he’s receiving hate, but where are the cheers?

That’s just it, there are no cheers for him, and instead, for perhaps the first time in recent memory, he gets One-Hundred Percent Heat from the fans.

In this modern day of WWE, The Heels are usually getting huge cheers while Faces get boo’d, mostly John Cena but still. It’s become a rarity to see a Heel get hated by the fans and not get cheered.

Sure, Rusev and Lana get boo’d more than cheered, though that’s because they use a ‘cheap’ source to get hate, but suddenly after praising Russia and bashing America, they get cheered, mostly Lana though.

Rollins’ source of Heat is, as J.R would put it, organic and unique in its own way, becoming a turncoat by turning in his security vest for a suit and tie for The Authority.

It bring back the days when CM Punk was in his first Heel Run in 2009.

CM Punk became hated for insulting Jeff Hardy who, after many years of fighting his Drug addictions to the road of redemption, fans respected and loved, and he didn’t get a single ounce of cheer, just hatred.

And during his days as the leader of the Straight Edge Society, the hatred went over the top, as per what CM Punk said about the Heat he had with the WWE Fans and Christianity in his documentary:

“Knoxville, Tennessee, I had a grandmother jump the rail to slap me in the face and the quote was ‘You are not Jesus Christ and you will burn in Hell for your sins.’  And that’s exactly what—that’s exactly—I turned right to Gallows and said, ‘We did it!  We got ’em!’ And that was the desired reaction I wanted. I wanted this emotional, just guttural, just hatred.  I wanted people to slash my tires.  Set my car on fire. Chase me out of town with pitchforks and torches.” – CM Punk, Best in the World DVD.

Rollins is mirroring this kind of hate Punk once had.

He expressed that he never saw the Shield as brothers, just business to get him to the top, and claimed they own everything he helped them accomplished, and it seemed he was also getting some pent up frustration when he called Reigns, ‘The Golden Boy’, most likely referring to his Main Event Push he’s getting from the Management, and claimed he felt power when he would be the guy that would destroy The Shield.

Sounds like CM Punk when he dropped his famous pipebomb back in 2011.

But there was a major difference, CM Punk got cheered while Seth Rollins was booed.

On the June 16th Episode of RAW, in his match against Dolph Ziggler, when Seth Rollins was forced out of the ring, the audience looked like that if he came near the security barricade, they would tear him apart.

Just how long has it been when a Heel got this amount of hate and no cheers in the process?

Rollins has the same style of Heat that CM Punk once had between 2009-2011, sure Punk had that type of heat in his second Heel run from 2012-2013 but that only came about during his feud with The Rock and Undertaker during the end of his run till WrestleMania 29, but even than the crowd was divided in cheering for Punk and the respective legends.

It’s actually not surprising when it comes to comparing CM Punk and Seth Rollins, they both started out in the indies, rose to prominence when they were in Ring of Honor, and when they signed a deal to go to the WWE, they both turned heel and threatened to take the world title away from the promotion.

In 2010, Seth Rollins, as Tyler Black, threatened to do the same thing.

On a twitter post, someone apparently set their Seth Rollins figure on fire in retaliation to his betrayal.

It’s this kind of hate that could make Seth Rollins become the CM Punk of The Reality Era, Dean Ambrose has always been considered as the next big Heel in WWE, but Rollins may surprise you in the future.

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