John Cena should be put into a non-wrestling role for long-term WWE


Let just start this off with the obvious: I hate John Cena the Character.

I was once a big fan of him between 2005 to early 2008 because he maintained an attitude despite being a Face but it came to a sad end when the PG Era began and Cena’s character became a squeaky clean good guy.

I respect Cena the human being for his charity activities and his loyalty to the business.

Though maybe his loyalty might be too loyal.

At 37 years of age, Cena in the last year alone, nearly suffered an Achilles tear, elbow injury, and two eye injuries in 2014 alone. Even now he still struggling with these kind of issues.

At times, Cena willingness to return earlier than he’s supposed to, and refusal to take time off makes me think at times if he actually believes he’s that character on TV.

But moving on from that if I was running WWE, I kind of would have, like many fans, a love-hate relationship with Cena, one hand I like that fact he’s a dedicated human being, but on the other hand his ego and stubbornness to change is character in slightest makes look at him in disgust annoyance.

But I wouldn’t let my ego get the better of me and I know he’s a huge draw for the company, but if his physical health continues like this, he’ll be in the same kind of pain Foley and Hogan suffer to this day.

So what will be the endgame result to make Cena take a break but continue making him draw: Give him a non-wrestling role.

Nowadays a lot of people don’t seem to want Cena to wrestle anymore unless he starts putting talent over strongly and cleanly.

Sandow, Nexus, and almost Bray Wyatt, suffered from Cena’s handling with a feud.

Cena wrestling now seems to be WWE’s short-term solution for the future, but in my opinion giving him a non-wrestling role will be a long-term benefit for WWE.

WWE has been over-depending on him to carry the company, but that is a double edge sword, Cena can be trusted with the responsibility, but as time continues changing, the audience want something new.

The WWE wants Cena, but the fans want guys like Reigns, Rollins, Bray, Ambrose, Big E, Rusev, Bryan, Dallas, and Cesaro to take the position on carrying WWE’s future.

Cena needs to step back and let them have the job, giving him a role non-wrestling wise is the only thing Cena can do for the long-run.

Guys like Austin, Foley and Shawn Michaels, because of injury, were given non-wrestling roles because management saw money in them despite their physical issues.

So why can’t they do that with Cena?

Brad Maddox is no longer GM of RAW, so the position is open for Cena to take, it was already being considered they wanted to give Hogan or Sting the job but nothing has happened, so give the position to Cena.

It will benefit all sides giving him this kind of role, it will allow Cena to get some rest and relaxation, but not miss out on the business, WWE can still draw money from him, Fans will get to see new guys not Cena carrying the WWE’s future.


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