Best Potential Opponents for Goldberg to face should he return to WWE


In a recent Jim Ross Radio Podcast, the former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion expressed interest that he would be willing to wrestle again in WWE, so long as the price is right.

And WWE seems to be planning wanting Goldberg back in time for WrestleMania 31.

But that leads to a very interesting question: Who would be next?

Well today, I’m going to list out the best possible opponents he could face should he return.

John Cena


Alright, for those who have seen me on Bleacherreport or saw my John Cena article, you know what my opinion on John Cena is. But, I’m willing to admit he is a big name in WWE, and taking on the once face of WCW would be a big money making event.

Brock Lesnar


Their last match back at WrestleMania 20 was horrendous, I’m willing to say, though I had a theory as to why the match didn’t meet the expectations people were hoping for, and it doesn’t involve the crowd turning on them since it was both their last day in WWE.

My theory was that since Brock Lesnar was leaving, and Goldberg’s run in WWE was, well, let me say horrible and sad way to end a career, they thought it be best to piss off WWE management and not give the motivation and passion they could have done into the match.

Moving on, Goldberg has expressed that theirs still settling the score with the Conquer, Brock Lesnar in the ring and maybe this time, they could fix the mistakes they made at XX.

Triple H


Alright, Triple H and Goldberg have a very personal issue both as performers and backstage, Triple H at times insulted Goldberg, and vice versa. But Goldberg would be willing to do one more match with the Tyrannical dictator of WWE.



A supposed Dream match to some, Ryback, since he began his run after being Skip Sheffield, keeps getting ‘Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg!’ chants, even now he has them, and Goldberg has said in interviews that the Ryback character is a ripoff of the Bill Goldberg character but he had no personal issues with the guy, and Ryback has expressed he would love to face Goldberg in the ring.

Bray Wyatt


The Eater of World’s track record is, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, The Shield, and John Cena, and now it appears Chris Jericho is next on his hit list. What is it that all these characters have in common: they’re all Heroes to many people, Goldberg has been idolized and a lifelong face in the wrestling business, Bray Wyatt wanting to take down another hero from the ‘Machine’, especially the one that was once called the Face of WCW, shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is out of action due to injury and could require another neck surgery as he said at the Money in The Bank Kick-Off that can keep him out for six months to a year, but when he comes back to the ring, a possible Goldberg-Daniel Bryan bout is certainly possible, even when it was planned for Bryan to face Goldberg’s former opponent, Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Roman Reigns


What can I say, doesn’t Battle of The Spears sound nice for a marquee bout? Goldberg has been referred to as delivering the best spears people have seen in wrestling, thanks in large part of his old football career, but lately people began seeing Roman Reigns catching up to Goldberg’s title for his impressive spears, ironically Roman Reigns’ pervious college football career can be thanked for that. Goldberg has said out of the three matches he would want to have, Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg would be the one he would most want to do. With Roman Reigns’ push to become the next Megastar in WWE, putting the former WCW/WWE World Champion on his column would help Reigns in his rise to superstardom.

Closing remarks

Well those were my selected opponents Goldberg could face should he ever return to WWE, give your thoughts in the comments, and, if you want, can follow me on my Twitter Account!



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6 responses to “Best Potential Opponents for Goldberg to face should he return to WWE”

  1. adam says :

    You are such a roman reigns ass kisser, Cena is a much better wrestler then him and way better on the mic. Reigns just has the “look”. Wdf are you going to do with a look that doesn’t translate into entertaining matches. He will be exposed when he actually does full single matches, btw no one reads this so you are wasting your time

    • RealityEraFan says :

      Did I ever say Cena was a bad wrestler or Reigns was a great wrestler, no and plus I have a right to my opinion and you have yours, and aren’t you reading this article?

      • adam says :

        I just came on here to say this you are always on bleacher report and you are such a hypocrite, hate on cena because its the cool thing to do but like reigns because he has the look. That’s fucking gay(not a homophobe but im sure you don’t identify yourself as gay) to like a wrestler because of his “look” like the person because they actually have talent, not some guy who didn’t struggle at all to get here, hes got spoon fed everything in wwe

      • RealityEraFan says :

        That, that doesn’t make sense, I’ll respect what Cena has done for business and the human being for all his charity works but I get annoyed when WWE keeps relying on him and seems to not give the spotlight to the newer talent and him having this say in his matches because of his apparent unwillingness the put people over cleanly, and when did I say like Reigns because of his look, I’ll admit it he’s not that amazing on the mic, it’s decent at best thanks to the help Ambrose and Rollins have given him, and he’s not the best wrestler in the world, the reason why I’m huge fan of Reigns is part of his time in the shield and how he’s being booked as a Face.

        Reigns’ booking as a Face is one I missed seeing, while Cena’s is the 100% Squeaky clean good guy that I’ve grown sick of seeing with little to no change at all, and when it looks like he changes it lasts only 3 minutes at best.

  2. jc12oc says :

    Would like to see Goldberg once again, even if it is for one match! Battle of the spears would be exciting that’s for sure. Ryback would also be a good option and might give him a second chance at a main event push.

    Good blog. I am following you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back, thanks 🙂

    • RealityEraFan says :

      Thanks! And also I think it would Ryback’s third chance since he was originally going to get pushed as a Paul Heyman Guy but his attitude backstage killed

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