The Big Gold Belt should’ve retired differently


In the final episode of Monday Night RAW before Battleground, John Cena gave the legendary Big Gold Belt to the sixteen time world champion, Ric Flair.

Afterwards, a report came out, that the World Heavyweight Championship Belt was retired.

Okay, I don’t have a problem that they decided to retire the world title, it’s just how they retired it is the problem.

Cena, after treating it like it was a piece of chain around his neck, gave it to Flair and told him to keep it.

That’s not the way you should retire a belt that has over a hundred years of history, it should go out special, emotional and memorable for years to look back on.

A belt that has undergo multiple accounts of controversy, reality not kayfabe, questionable holders, and it’s design able to stand the test of time shows the specialty the belt possess.

There hasn’t been a title that had this amount of history, and chances are, we may never see history like that again.

Its tale can go back to the formation of the NWA, all the way to the Monday Night War to its sad end, one book probably couldn’t contain the history it has.

On, I gave my thoughts on how such a legendary belt should’ve went out like, I saw it go out as a massive ceremony consisting of all the living former holders of the belt such as Sting, Goldberg, Edge, Booker T, HBK, HHH, Cena, Jericho, Del Rio, etc. and the belt is incased in glass portrait, and Triple H would present the belt to the sixteen time champion Flair.

That’s how you retire a legendary title not just “oh here you go” and it’s retired.

Back in ’03, a year after the Hardcore Championship was retired, they did a ceremony with the hardcore veterans, many of them being former ECW Stars, and Mick Foley, the first ever hardcore champion, and revolutionary hardcore wrestler, they did the same type of thing I viewed how the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Big Gold Belt, The NWA/WCW/WWE World Heavyweight Championship, having over a hundred years of history and legendary holders that should’ve went out with an emotional retirement, went out with a whimper…

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