WWE Battleground Fallout Edition of RAW Solidified Triple H’s Direction in WWE


The WWE Battleground Fallout Edition of RAW featured some memorable moments in Booking.

Brock Lesnar returned, Triple H cut a promo which he continually referred what people on the Internet do when frustrated with a WWE PPV/Special Event, Roman Reigns beat Kane and Orton in realistic way in a 2-on-1 Handicap match, preventing any SuperReigns comments (unlike Cena vs. The Real Americans on RAW Country), Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz, who had just the Intercontinental Championship the night before, an entertaining main event bout between Cesaro and Ambrose, Zack Ryder won his first match in two years, The Nation of Domination was hinted in rehashing, Paige turned Heel on AJ Lee, and Brie and Stephanie produced an Arrest Angle that bring back feelings of the Attitude Era.

But all of these events on this night all had one thing in common with the fans: This was a Triple H Episode.

Is this a Triple H Produced Episode, well as several points have shown in reports this opinion may actually be fact.

As recent months have reported of Triple H gaining more power and influence and it’s been said that Triple H has used the Internet (IWC) for storylines while Vince just ignored it.

When RAW was airing, Bleacherreport.com’s live reports in the comment section where fans joked on if Triple H would select Flo-Rida to be John Cena’s opponent at SummerSlam.

And just in the second hour of the broadcast, Flo-Rida made a joke on it.

Than everyone started saying: Triple H was running this show.

The fact the show was a more purer wrestling show and had less promo time, showed hints of Triple H all over the place. He’s handling of NXT was all over the place on RAW.

A report came out, regarding Triple H’s Internet Promo, where it said he hated the IWC thinking they know about the business: Though reality is, his hate was are gain on Monday Night.

Battleground Fallout RAW was one of the best episodes this year, behind the post WrestleMania 30 Episode, in my opinion.

And chances are, we’ll be expecting more episodes like this when Vince is no longer in power.

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  • WWE Battleground Fallout Edition of RAW Solidified Triple H’s Direction in WWE

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