Potential NXT/WWE Opponents Kenta could face


After months and months of speculation, and teases, in July, KENTA had officially signed WWE at the NXT Division.

But today, I’m going to list out the potential opponents Kenta could face in both WWE and NXT.

Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd

The rejuvenated Tyson Kidd in NXT would be the best choice for KENTA to first face off when he makes his official debut on NXT, his track record of show stealing bouts with guys like Adam Rose, Sami Zyan, and Adrian Neville would be a great to kick off KENTA’s arrival.

Sami Zyan


Sami Zyan’s match of the year quality bouts with Cesaro, his star-studded matches with Tyler Breeze, and Tyson Kidd speak for themselves. It be a high-flying dream bout Hardcore fans would want to see.

Adrian Neville


Chances are that right now he won’t be given a match with Neville due to him being NXT Champion, and it sort of unfair to instantly give him a title match to start out his run without proving himself to the NXT Fans

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze

If Breeze didn’t have such a great match with Zyan, I wouldn’t have had put him on the list for guys KENTA to face.

Daniel Bryan


Should KENTA eventually arrive to the Main Roster and had proven to the WWE Mainstream Fans, facing Daniel Bryan would be a welcome excitement to Indie/Hardcore Fans to see some of the top talent of indie wrestling promotions to square off

Seth Rollins


Most likely a dream match to indie fans, The Top Star of Ring of Honor vs. The Top Star of Japan in a match of the year bout.

Dean Ambrose


Pretty much it has the same reasons to happen like with Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

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