Pros and Cons For Brock Lesnar-John Cena SummerSlam Outcomes


In about 3 Days before John Cena and Brock Lesnar collide for the third time, the second time will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But the debate is regarding, who will walk out as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Well, I’m here to label out the pros and cons in regards to them and respective outcomes and the effects The WWE World Title will have because of this. And, I’m sure you all know about my opinion on one John Cena, so I’m going try and be unbiased as possible on this. The key word being try.

John Cena


Right now, John Cena is going to walk in as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam but it’s important to wonder if he’s going to walk out as the Champion?


Full-Time Status: This is primarily the one thing that gives Cena an edge in regards to his match due Brock’s Part-Time status, he will be here every week performing, granted he may be gone one or two times a year, but he’ll be here, every single week, day, and minute in the wrestling, something I’ll always respect him for.


It be the same thing: 15 Times as World Champion in 10 years, and since Cena became the Squeaky Clean good guy Boy Scout, the cycle repeats itself, dual chanting, ‘overcome’ promos, superman booking, and oversaturation on the product.

Defeating the One in 21-1 after his first match back: Alright, I know eventually Brock Lesnar has to lose a match, but losing on his first match after he made history at WrestleMania, will bring about a negative reception that will affect WWE’s Long Term route and potentially damage people’s chances of subscribing/renewing the WWE Network.

Brock Lesnar



It’s Different: Something new and something different is what fans want, Brock Lesnar winning the match, especially against Cena, and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, would provide an excitement and increased interest in the product.

Adding mystique on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: The fact Lesnar’s part time status to doing PPV one night stands could put in a form of an Undertaker like aura on the World Title in regards, ‘who’s going to take on the conqueror next’, ‘When will the beast incarnate return’, and due to Brock Lesnar never really speaking most of the time, and Paul Heyman being his voice, Heyman could continue serving as his voice to buildup future challengers to take the world titles.


Part-Timer: This is one of the most issues that challenges people’s thoughts of Brock Lesnar being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion because of his Part-Time status, after The Rock’s Part Time status as WWE Champion was encountered with heat backstage, though the difference between Lesnar and Rock, is that for The Rock, he had Hollywood commitments to fulfill, but he managed to appear in a very surprising amount to me despite Hollywood, he even appeared on SmackDown during his run, Brock Lesnar, he doesn’t have those kind of stuff, which makes concern should Lesnar win.


The thing is, both Cena and Lesnar have actually one thing in common in regards to something: The WWE World Heavyweight Championship will lose value either way, but Cena winning will result in a much worse case possibility, remember those signs say ‘If Cena wins, we riot!’ well, it’s not going to be a riot, it’s going to be a full-out rebellion.

So in my opinion, I’m going to have to side with Brock Lesnar winning, it’s something new and different compared to seeing another John Cena run that people have seen for the last five years with no changes to it.

All we can do now is wait and see what will go down on August 17th, but the one thing we all know: The course of WWE will change with just a simple 1, 2; 3…

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