Grading Roman Reigns’ Performance at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton

Originally going to be Roman Reigns vs. Triple H, The Roman Emperor took on the Viper at the biggest party of the Summer, SummerSlam.

Before I begin, let’s take a look back on some details prior to this match.

Everyone already knew Reigns was going to beat Orton that night, as part of his push to superstardom, but that didn’t hurt the overall buildup to the match.

It bring out the long-dormant Viper fans were wanting to see after nearly a year of weakness in his character, when he attacked Reigns prior to his match with Kane.

He growled and hissed at Reigns of what happens when people stole from him, promising to destroy the young rising star for taking away his chance to reclaim what he believed what was rightfully his.

But in a recent report prior to SummerSlam, Orton might be trying to cool Reigns’ jets with rest holds, or as some called it the ‘Crowd Killing’ style, which has gotten some of the talent backstage upset at him.

Heading into the match, I wasn’t expecting greatness out of it, we’ve seen Reigns and Orton fight before during his run with The Shield, and after some superb bouts with Ambrose, and Rollins, the story of Stephanie and Brie, The Eater of World destroying Y2J, and the return to the spotlight of Dolph Ziggler, and with the hype building up to the main event, Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, how could the Roman Emperor and The Viper create a stellar performance?

Overall, this was my thought of the match: Decent…

That’s the overall thought of it to me, the match was decent, it had its problems but overall it was a decent bout to enjoy.

It wasn’t the worst match of the night, which goes to the pointless RVD-Cesaro Bout at the Kickoff, but I saw Dave Meltzer give the Orton-Reigns match a 4 out of 5, and gave the Best Match of the Night, Ambrose vs. Rollins a 3.75 out of 5…


I mean no disrespect or anything, but I was thinking Dave wrote the ratings backwards or something, I mean if he interpreted the fact the lumberjacks in that match was the worst lumberjacks in wrestling history, than it be understandable to an extent, but overall it should’ve been given the four star while Reigns-Orton got the 3.75 rating, Personally I would’ve given Ambrose-Rollins the highest rating of the event, though it actually would be hard in terms of storytelling since Lesnar became Doomsday on Cena.

But back to Reigns and Orton, the match had its flaws and it had its moments such as the RKO Orton countered Reigns’ Superman Punch, and countering his Spear the first time (Irony on that was that last time Orton tried to counter the spear, he botched and nearly gave Reigns a concussion at a European House Show)

Overall I would Give Reigns a solid B for his performance at SummerSlam, and don’t even listen to the commentators saying this was the most important match in Reigns’ Career since Reigns fought Orton numerous times in his Shield Run, and honestly Reigns’ best single matches would have to be with CM Punk on Old School RAW, Del Rio on SmackDown!, and Daniel Bryan on the Post Night of Champions’ RAW Fallout of 2013.

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