Sandow should be the guy to screw Cena at Night of Champions


In a recent report, WWE had two scenarios for the ending of Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena IV (Oh wait, I meant III since 2003 Match doesn’t exist according to WWE).

“          It still looks like the two choices are Lesnar over Cena when somebody screws Cena and Cena goes with that person, while Lesnar takes on other faces until Reigns at Mania; or Cena beats Lesnar, Rollins loses to Reigns and then cashes in.    ”

I will not accept the latter scenario, and while the former is also a little damaging to Lesnar’s creditability after the grueling dominance he put on at SummerSlam, but this route has potential for a star in need of it.

That man is Damien Sandow, why someone would ask since Sandow has done nothing but job and do ridiculous dressings on a constant basis all this year: Well that actually is the reason.

Ever since Cena defeated Sandow last year on October 28th (Which I remind you with just ONE move after being massacred throughout it) Sandow’s career had underwent a downward spiral after the apparent feud with Cena was scrapped, he had done nothing since then was dawn various gimmicks going nowhere, and another scrapped plan to seemingly revive the disgruntled faction.

He has the biggest motivate out of everyone else on the roster go after Cena, even bigger than Bray Wyatt, sure Wyatt seemingly is just floating around, but at least he’s not undergoing Sandow/Ryder level of treatment…much at least.

This is the opportunity Sandow has been waiting for to finally get back the relevance Cena took from him in a Reality-Based Storyline of Sandow of accusing Cena of ruining his career that night he failed to cash in, and underwent an identity crisis to find himself, before finally coming to the realization that Sandow should do to Cena what he did to him, takeaway his final chance to be world champion.

And most likely people will argue ‘Cena won’t put him over’ but I think we can agree he would finally be able to do something outside of these ridiculous gimmicks.

The other options who could screw Cena over are Big E (Best way to revive NOD 2.0, which I’m working on a ‘Rant’ on WWE’s reasoning for dropping it), and Rusev (Which rumors have it he may feud with Cena) but honestly Sandow has everything to gain from this opportunity whereas Rusev and Big E have something to gain and lose from it.

And as Sandow once said, “I Think therefore, I am!”

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