Survivor Series 2014: The Biggest Coup in Modern WWE

The Coup

Survivor Series is upon everyone, the most built match to take place is Team Cena vs. Team Authority, with the condition that if The Authority loses, their out of power.

In reality, this is the ending to the coup that happened in WWE.

No mistake, there was a coup in WWE this past year, led by the most polarizing performer in WWE, John Cena.

The timing of this all seem to add up.

Original plans was going to have Lesnar vs. Bryan at SummerSlam, and lose the world championship, also have a rematch at NOC, which Bryan would fail to regain the world title.

That same night Roman Reigns was going avenge his fellow Shield Brethren, Dean Ambrose and face Seth Rollins, Original plans had Dean Ambrose costing Rollins his match against Roman Reigns.

After losing to Lesnar at NOC, I firmly believe Bryan was going to go finish off The Authority while Reigns was supposed to team up with Ambrose again and get revenge on Rollins, and The Authority and when Reigns chose to let Ambrose finish Rollins off, he go after HHH.

I believe it was all going to come to an end at Survivor Series with Team Bryan vs. Team Authority with the same stipulation but with major changes

Team Bryan: Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Ryback and Ziggler.
Team Authority: HHH, Seth Rollins, Kane, Cesaro, and Luke Harper.

And what was Cena going to originally do: According to reports, do an upper midcard feud with Big E. (And possibly with the New Nation). Put it simply, be forced to take a step BACK and let the new generation play ball.

But with those two hurt, Cena pretty much decided to be Hogan and take the chance to forcibly take back his spot at the top.

Thus launching the biggest coup in modern WWE.

John Cena became World Champion…again, got involved with the popular Ambrose-Rollins feud with a forced reason, and now is being given the chance to destroy the Authority.

Something that was going to be given to younger guys and establish new stars, and Cena came back in when fate decided to be cruel and, as HHH said a few weeks ago, take all the credit for someone else’s hard work.

The last half of 2014 had become the John Cena coup against the Reality Era, and taking all the hard work The Authority, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan had done over the past year and making it all end up being about him.


Now I’m just going to also say, was this all just a GIANT coincidence, possibly, but one can argue with all the lined up timing, it’s certainly possible, there been events like this such as Triple H’s infamous ‘Reign of Terror’ on RAW in the Ruthless Aggression Era, and the Hogan-Hart-Yokozuna Incident at WrestleMania, and less I go about WCW, the shorter this closing though will be.

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