Opinion on The IWC’s criticisms on Roman Reigns


The Rise of Roman Reigns is filled with both praise and hate, currently out of action due to an emergency hernia injury, Reigns’ rise to stardom is halted, at least for now.

When he returns, reportedly around late-December to early January, he’s been booked to be the one to beat the one in 21-1 at WrestleMania 31.

This signifies greatness, as this will solidify the end of an old era and into the next generation of wrestlers.

But lately, he’s been on the receiving end of hate from the major amount of the IWC for a number of reasons.

Now, I may be just a humble wrestling fan, but I have my thoughts of these claims.

Anoa’i Family

Fellow Anoa’i family members Rikishi, The Usos, Umaga, Rosey (Reigns’ Older Brother) they were part of the family, none them got put into main event spot right away.

Rosey wasn’t even a Main Eventer, he was a comic act teaming up with The Hurricane.

It took the Usos 4 years to win the Tag Team Belts.

Rikishi was given one chance but it failed in 2000.

Umaga was main eventing shows but he never won the world title.

The Rock was one of the major Anoa’i wrestlers that had a major success, so it’s hard to try and compare Reigns when so many other members of the family hadn’t had that kind of success.


Spear, Superman Punch, Samoan Drop, Flying clothesline, and a basement dropkick. That’s a primary move-set Reigns uses nowadays.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle.

Seeing a guy doing the same moves never really bothered me so long as they can do a great match, which is why I never say ‘Cena can’t wrestle’ or he only does a few moves because Reigns and Cena aren’t has cringe worthy horrible as Eva Marie.

Reigns has done another entire set of moves in FCW/NXT but I never figured out why Management won’t let guys like Reigns and Cena be allowed to use more moves in their repertoire, but they allow it for smaller guys and high flyers.

On Ryan Dilbert’s article Evaluating Roman Reigns’ Often-Criticized Move Set, a user commented why they limit Reigns Cena, etcs. respective move-set

“   I think it has been mentioned in the past, as well as their Documentaries (IE Cena, and Orton), the “vets” who see the IT factor in them, and the athleticism, and dedication, basically convinced them to limit their move sets to a more safe less injury prone move set.. Orton, was doing some high flying moves off the top rope when he first came to the WWE, but all the shoulder injuries probably put those moves in the back seat. Cena’s first match vs Angle, showed Cena can go with a technical wrestler if he so chooses. But I think the Company really limits them on high spots, unless it is in a PPV, so they are less prone to getting injured.      ” – Eric Tuason.

Also, Reigns isn’t the only one that used the same moves, Austin, The Rock, Triple H, etc. all have done the same moves from time to time.

Performance on the Mic

Okay this is actually a 50-50 spilt on his performance on the mic, at times, Reigns has shown greatness, like his promo in Canada.

And there are times he gets it wrong…

But I firmly believed he would improve on his charisma, which he did.

And it showed in his last interview at Survivor Series, speaking more confidently, and didn’t feel the least bit awkard.

And yes there were times he looked lost, but it’s been known to happen, even Orton at times, improvement still is needed in some areas.


Now I’ve seen numerous people say ‘he doesn’t have a character’ though, in my opinion, he actually does have a character, he’s pretty much a complete 180O version of Cena.

Where Cena is child friendly, ‘always does the right thing’, and WAY too trustworthy (I mean seriously, he let his guard down to Brock Lesnar when he returned…).

Reigns is more focus on himself, cold, isolated, and has a tendency to do nothing more than destroy the person in front him.


Overall, I believe a lot of the criticism Reigns gets is at times understandable, but at times, they don’t even give him a chance to show everyone his skills, my opinion wait until WrestleMania 31 before making a final decision in regards to him.

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