Triple H vs. Vince McMahon: Charlotte’s RAW Debut


On Monday Night RAW this week, Charlotte, the daughter of hall of famer Ric Flair, made her debut on the main roster against Natalya.

And she lost within less than two minutes.

Now people wondered why this happened, Justin LaBar defended it because of the roll up as a way to protect her, but when it comes how she was used throughout NXT this year, this was damaging either way. It’s different compared to Sami Zyan’s debut on WWE Main Event, he was placed as a underdog, he seemed to lose more than win in his time in NXT but still maintain a never say die attitude, but at least he looked strong in his match with Tyson Kidd

But then, a report came out explaining WHY she lost on Raw.

“It was a Vince McMahon decision for Charlotte to lose and there was a feeling that if Triple H had his way, Charlotte would have went over. […] When it was changed to a singles match, Natalya reportedly asked to lose the match because she felt it was the right thing. Vince decided against it.”


You know what I love about the Internet, I’m allowed to express my opinion and I don’t trash another person’s viewpoint because their entitled to it, so many would understand why this is frustrating to find out.

I’m just going to ask a very simple question: Vince, How is Charlotte getting over a BAD thing…?

Was it because Natalya is on Total Divas, Kevin Dunn whispered in your ear and told you not to allow it, or is it simply that you don’t like NXT since you’re not in complete control over it?

Especially in the fact tonight she has to defend her NXT Women’s Championship and Vince made her look very weak.

There was no reason explaining why Charlotte had to lose on RAW especially the fact Natalya wanted to put her over, and Vince didn’t want it to happen, originally it was going to be tag match but time constraints of the Slammy’s changed it, either way Charlotte should’ve won the match.

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