Daniel Bryan shouldn’t win the Royal Rumble

image The new year has arrived, and the Royal Rumble is nearing.

On the final RAW of 2014, Bryan had returned, at first looking to be a retirement speech, but became a return speech announcing his involvement in the Royal Rumble.

However, in my general opinion, he shouldn’t win the rumble.

Because, the guy just had returned from Neck Injury, and does anyone want to risk him fighting Lesnar, and possible worse his neck, NO. Bryan’s health and long-term tenure must be ensured and that means, Daniel Bryan shouldn’t win the rumble, the important of his health is too much of a risk, I say he should re-adapt to the ring environment before winning the world title again, no one wants to another vacant world title after Bryan had worked so hard to get, and see him forced to retire. He barely got out of going out like Edge, I don’t think WWE should risk it happening with Lesnar-Bryan.

It’s been reported that Reigns is still booked to win the rumble and go on to beat Lesnar at 31.

While I won’t say Reigns is the right choice or not but I feel like WWE is making the wise decision not having Bryan face Lesnar, I’m no doctor, but having just returned and being booked to face Lesnar with a just recovered neck is too much of a risk, Fans shouldn’t turn on whoever wins the rumble this time, because they should be thinking of Bryan’s long term stay in wrestling because Lesnar does one wrong move, and it will be all over for Bryan.

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