Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns should be first two entrants in The Royal Rumble


The Royal Rumble is nearly upon us tonight.

The two big favorites in the match with Fans and the industry are seeing to win are none other then Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

So how about we have those two make history together, let’s have Reigns and Bryan be the first two in the match and be the first guys to be the final contestants in match.

Reigns would be able to bring out the best when fighting someone like Bryan, and Bryan would be reminiscing his mentor HBK in the bout.

Plus it will give Reigns a major improvement in various areas, such as: Being able to handle being in a hour long bout, endurance, and performing a quality performance in a long bout of great importance. Also someone who isn’t Big Show.

Adding to the fact he be working with a guy who gave him his first best singles bout.

Last time Bryan and Reigns fought each other would have to be around February to early March when The Shield were gearing up for their war against The Wyatt Family.

Awhile ago I wrote that Bryan shouldn’t win the rumble due to risking his neck in a match against Lesnar, still standing by that adding that WWE has been letting Kane, and Wyatt target his surgically repaired neck.

Bryan has been show he hasn’t missed a step being gone for half a year, other then gaining few pounds and letting his hair grow out, he will be able to bring out the best in Roman Reigns.

Tyson Kidd: FACT.

Those two should make Rumble history together.

Tyson Kidd: FACT.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan will deliver and give it their all tonight!

Tyson Kidd: FACT!

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