Review: WWE 24


So I decided to try out a review of something, but if I was to try reviewing a episode of RAW, I be most likely ranting for twenty minutes, so I decided to look at the next big WWE Network project.

WWE 24!

The idea of the show is to give an inside look at some of WWE’s milestone events and larger-than-life Superstars. WWE will use personal archives, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to present current and former talents or events in a different way than they usually do. WWE 24 was described as similar to the new TNA Unlocked show but with a bigger budget.

So WWE 24, did it live up to a big hype it was getting?

Alright to start things off, the show began with a showing of WM Axxess and 24 hours before the big pay-per-view, the production qualities were superb, the atmosphere surrounding the hype of WM30 was really showed, the alternate camera angles, backstage footage, along with breaking Kayfabe (You’ll see Cena talking with Rowan and Harper), along with tear-jerking moments seeing Connor during his final days on this world. The Good die too young RIP.

Along with the great production values, there were some heavy highlights for me in this episode.

Connor will be remembered!image8

Connor was shown a lot in this 30 minute project, his interactions with Daniel Bryan, Batista, HHH, and etc., shows just the life that was in this young boy, despite his failing health, he bring life in the WWE during his visits, like pinning HHH in the ring (You heard me). Connor the Crusher is greatly remembered and in the hearts of many, though Bryan has a special bond. Hmm, every time I see it, I’m thinking, Connor Danielson, Bryan and Brie’s possible son.

There’s still that respected Vince beneath his senile stateimage5

Okay, my opinion on Vince McMahon in recent years has, to say bluntly, in the crapper, I’ve accused him of being jealous of HHH’s NXT Stars, claimed he’s lost with the times, and is overstaying his welcome in the industry, ala Ric Flair like.

But we saw the Vince McMahon I respected for his overall career, for his care for the Undertaker, adding that he left his post at WM for the first time ever just to be with Undertaker when he was taken to the hospital.

Vince, despite his recent ‘ideas’ and actions, still has the man inside him that earned my respect for his dedication for the business.

HHH’s High Hopes for NXT


In the first 6-7 minutes, HHH was praising the NXT Developmental, and the NXT Divas were showing their excitement and said they were glad to be chosen, whereas they could’ve just hired models to help HHH’s entrance, **Hint** **Hint** Eva Marie, improve or your career may be over when HHH takes over.

There’s a Heart underneath the massive ego of Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan, infamous for his backstage politics, and role in WCW’s demise, and had a role in dismantling Warrior’s legacy in a certain DVD, showed his softer side in his apology to Warrior during the show. It was shown underneath that ego-filled mind is a kind man people would want to be friends with.

Undertaker’s loss is still echoing a year after WrestleMania



The one thing people would never expect to happen still echoes in the industry now, add that he was rushed to the hospital when he collapsed in the back.

Though it being his final match…

Bray Wyatt might disagree with that.


Overall I HIGHLY Recommend checking this out, the fact WWE 24 is going to be a series will really fill the gap the Monday Night War series leaves behind, I’m more curious if WWE will show what happened backstage CM Punk the night after Royal Rumble.

Though I will say this inquiry, why wasn’t Flair part of the Summit of Megastars? Sure he isn’t WWE’s Mt. Rushmore, but he’s wrestling’s iconic figure, it was shown he was backstage, they could’ve had him join his fellow megastars in the opening show. Why wasn’t Cesaro shown after the battle royal? Or Cena and Wyatt after their match?

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