Dual Article: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Triple H at Fast Lane

Roman Reigns and HHH Should’ve Main Evented Fast Lane


How long will it be when we see this match?

Fast Lane is upon us, with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan headlining the show.

But one can’t help but feel a sense of bittersweet to it.

I’m talking about Triple H vs. Roman Reigns.

A Modern-Dream Match that’s been building up since the Summer, Fast Lane seemed to be the final chance we would get to see The Roman Emperor take on The King of Kings. Add in Rollins joining the Authority, constant staredowns, and HHH and Reigns having a history, it would make for a storytelling superb bout.

But instead we get Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m expecting a High-Quality bout between those two, but when all is said in done, Reigns & HHH should’ve have faced each other at the show.

There’s a huge build to it, it was never fully resolved, and every show lately seem to hint that Reigns-HHH is going to breakdown.

“It’s over when I say it’s over…” – Triple H, Interview with Michael Cole

Well Triple H, you never did say it was over.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns will have a MOTY performance at Fast Lane


Greatness Awaits Roman Reigns at Fast Lane

With Fast Lane fast approaching (Lame pun I know) The Leader of a Corrupted Yes Movement will take on an Anti-Hero Emperor for the spot to main event WM31 against The Beast Incarnate.

When they lock horns, expect greatness to happen.

The last time these two fought in singles bout was 2013, Night of Champions Fallout, which was a show-stealing performance that left a lot of fans wanting to see more between these two. It was also Roman Reigns’ ‘Hello World’ Moment in WWE.

And that was two years ago.

Now, with Reigns’ rapidly improvement, and Bryan being Bryan even after Neck Injury, expect yet another stellar bout between these two.

Couple with the fact they both ended RAW in the early contender for Brawl of the Year!

Roman Reigns will shine in the ring and look like a million bucks while Daniel Bryan will show why he’s one of the best in-ring performers today.

Tyson Kidd: FACT!

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