Grading Roman Reigns’ Performance at Fast Lane


Okay so ignoring the dead memphis crowd at a redeeming PPV, Fast Lane was a solid PPV with a big match that was filled with an unknown ending.

Reports constantly moved back and forth how this match would go, one saying Reigns was going to win, another saying Bryan was going to be inserted into another Triple Threat Match at Mania.

That added another element I haven’t been able to witness in a while: Unpredictablity.

Heading into the match, I had expecations that this match could surpass their last encounter from 2 years ago.

And boy did they DESTROY my expecations.

They not only delievered a great match, did moves normally not seen from Bryan and Reigns, but they told a soild story of two guys willing to do ANYTHING to get the main event at WrestleMania, and sold a classic wrestling format: Techinical vs. Brawler.

Reigns sold his hernia injury after getting a stiff kick from Bryan in the midsection, he sold not ala Ziggler and Rollins, but sold it like he was legitmiately hurt.

Roman Reigns added three more moves to his arsnal, bring up to a total of 18 Moves he uses, (Been keeping a mental list on that lol).

Highlights inculded times they almost went with a no contest, the back and forth elements, and The Never say die between the two fighters.

The match was great, it didn’t feel like Bryan carried Reigns at all, they both a something to prove.

Reigns proved he can indeed in fact wrestle when allowed to, and Bryan proved why he’s on of the best in-ring workers in the company and has the humble of Funk and Taker when it comes to putting stars over.

Conculsion, Reigns earns an A for his performance in the match, he was looked strong, a complete badass, and co-delievered a second contender for Match of The Year to compete with Lesnar-Rollins-Cena

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