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Fantasy Booking: The Decline of The Yes Movement


Once upon a time, actually a year ago, there was a courageous underdog going by the name of Daniel Bryan, he was determined to finish what Punk started, ignite change in the WWE, thus The Yes Movement was born, but when the dream was finally being made a reality, the underdog was gone. Forced by a career-threatening Neck Injury, Bryan was forced to take a step away from the wrestling to recover, little did anyone know, that would mark the beginning of the decline of the once proud Yes Movement.


As it stands now, from what I’ve seen, there’s three types of fans in the Yes Movement, The First: Pro-Die Hard Daniel Bryan, they want Daniel Bryan ALL THE TIME, they want him to main event EVERY PPV for the rest of his career, win every title match, and will boo ANYONE that isn’t Bryan, If it isn’t for the world title, we riot. The Second: Fans who will favor guys from the Indies and talents like Ziggler, but will hate anything else not those two preferences. The Final One: The Original Fans who have common sense and know what The Yes Movement once stood for.

Bryan isn’t able to control them anymore, since he came back, it seems he’s lost complete control of the Movement.

Yes this can be seen as a bad thing, BUT, there’s a golden opportunity WWE could take with this problem: Think about this, a storyline about a once popular underdog losing control of his creation, the Yes Movement becoming everything he didn’t want, seeing that their lash out on the rest of the talent in the back because they’re not Bryan, how great would that be if done correctly?

Comments on the idea:

Australian: I’m intrigued by your Daniel Bryan storyline. Losing control of his very own Yes! Movement seems like a killer plot to me. I must admit… I am a bit shocked by the reaction of the IWC towards Daniel Bryan at the moment. He seems to be losing support by the day.

Me: I’m thinking like at a point Bryan is trying to reason with his fans, but they won’t stop, eventually he comes out during a Younger Talents bout, still trying to reason with them, but they won’t listen, eventually it leads to snap in his character when he reaches the breaking point.

JC ‘Truth Serum’: Bryan shows resentment for losing control of the movement and would turn heel by turning on them, it would slow the roll 100% and Bryan treatingĀ the fans like garbage would be as epic as when Hogan did it in the nWo days… Bryan becoming absolutely selfish and playing to the small % of haters that say hus fans want him in every main event, Bryan could echo as much, claiming he is deserving of every top match and the title, at the same time a la Seth Rollins putting claim that he built the yes movement and now he will take it down because he no longer has any use for it.


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